Healthways Center for Health Research

Fueled by passion. Backed by science.

The Healthways Center for Health Research has a singular mission: to constantly explore how best to inspire healthy lifestyles, minimize health risk and support those living with chronic conditions. Our research journey, which began 30 years ago with the study of diabetes management, ultimately led us to well-being improvement as the best way to address these three pillars of total population health.

Healthways has advanced the science of well-being by:

  • Refining our understanding of what constitutes well-being
  • Improving upon methodologies for measuring well-being
  • Assessing the impact of changes in well-being on outcomes such as worker productivity, health risks and healthcare costs

This robust scientific foundation has helped guide the development and validation of solutions that deliver the best value to our health system, health plan and employer customers — solutions that effectively and efficiently change populations by respecting the multifaceted nature of the individual.

Collected here is a library of our recent research on population health management and well-being.

RECENT Research