Healthways Innovation Network

Healthways partners with some of the leading thinkers in healthcare and technology to extend the reach of our services and advance the quality of our solutions.

Academic Partnerships

MIT Age Lab John Hopkins University Pro-Change

MIT Age Lab

Advancing health education and support for an aging population.

Johns Hopkins University

Researching and innovating with the schools of medicine, nursing and public health.


Jointly developing leading approaches to improved behavior modification.

Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

Ornish Spectrum    


The Ornish Spectrum

Delivering Dr. Dean Ornish’s lifestyle management programs, proven effective in treating and reversing heart disease and other chronic conditions.


Strategic Partnerships

Gallup-Healthways Blue Zones Dave Ramsey



Jointly creating a definitive measure of well-being.

Blue Zones

Jointly scaling population longevity interventions with permanent and semi-permanent environmental changes.

Dave Ramsey Financial Wellness

Incorporating Dave Ramsey’s Financial Wellness Counseling Program into Healthways' Well-Being Improvement Solution.

Technology Partnerships



Enhancing an already powerful platform with greater scalability and sustainable, timely innovation at a lower cost.


Delivering a unique, total digital experience for Healthways’ Well-Being Improvement Solution that drives sustained engagement through web, mobile and social media.