Healthways TARGET

TARGET, which includes ACTIVATE and FOCUS, maximizes value by identifying those who represent the greatest risk for significant healthcare expenditures and then connecting them to experienced clinicians.


  • ACTIVATE ™ and FOCUS ™
  • Identification of individuals likely to incur high healthcare costs, regardless of if the risk is related to a chronic condition
  • Right interventions at the right time
  • Tools and support for management of five of the most common chronic conditions
  • Expert clinical guidance
  • Better adherence to standards of care guidelines
  • Closing of gaps in clinical care
  • Lowering of medical costs within a rolling 12-month period
  • Valuable add-on options to tailor your program to your organization’s specific needs


More than just the sum of its features, TARGET was designed to build on ACTIVATE and FOCUS to...

Different from typical disease management programs, TARGET examines your entire population to proactively identify those individuals most at risk for ER and inpatient utilization in the near term — even if they’re not currently identified as having a manageable chronic condition. This means TARGET can provide the right interventions with the right people at the right time, before adverse health outcomes escalate medical costs.

With TARGET, a Healthways clinician steps into a centralized care management role, navigating an often complex healthcare landscape for individuals identified by TARGET’s proprietary predictive model. The clinician coordinates the right level of care for the individual, providing support and guidance along the way and closing gaps in care.

TARGET’s multi-disciplinary team of clinicians and health experts include such specialties as nurses, dietitians and exercise physiologists. These degreed and licensed professionals are skilled in engagement, evidence-based medicine education, motivational interviewing and behavior change coaching.

TARGET can contain medical costs within a rolling 12month period by proactively mitigating the risk for expensive healthcare events, such as ER visits. Under TARGET’s optimized care model, you can see reductions in claims costs — a short-term return on investment (ROI) we prove with regular reporting.

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