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The simple choices that we make each day — what we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke, how much we exercise and the quality of our relationships — can make such a powerful difference in our health, our well-being and our survival.

For more than three decades, Dr. Dean Ornish has directed a series of scientific research studies showing, for the first time, that the progression of even severe coronary heart disease can often be reversed by making comprehensive lifestyle changes.

These studies also documented that other chronic diseases may be reversible simply by making comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Millions of people worldwide are gaining new hope and new choices, options that are more caring and compassionate while they are more cost effective and competent. It’s not all in our genes — comprehensive lifestyle changes can be extraordinarily powerful, re-framing the reason for changing from fear of dying to joy of living. Fear of dying is not sustainable; joy of living is.

Healthways and Dr. Ornish

Healthways and Dr. Dean Ornish have entered into an exclusive partnership for Healthways to provide the Dr. Ornish Lifestyle Management Programs, bringing their benefits to a far broader audience. (Read the press release here.) Through these proven programs, people are empowered to quickly reverse their heart disease and other chronic conditions, allowing them to sustainably transform their lives for the better.

Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease was the first program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery. Since January 2011, after 16 years of internal and external review, Medicare has been covering Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease under a new benefit category, “intensive cardiac rehabilitation.” Many private insurance companies also cover this program, reimbursing for patients who have coronary heart disease and for patients who only have risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Pound of Cure or Ounce of Prevention?

People have different needs, goals and preferences:

» If you’re trying to reverse heart disease or prevent the recurrence of cancer, you may need the "pound of cure," or bigger changes in diet and lifestyle than someone who just wants to lower their cholesterol levels a few points or lose a few pounds.

» If you're basically healthy, then you can thrive on the "ounce of prevention."

» And if you’re somewhere in between — if you have some worrisome risk factors for heart disease (high cholesterol, high blood pressure) — then you can begin by making moderate changes in diet and lifestyle, progressively more intensive as needed. If that’s enough to achieve your goals, great; if not, then you may want to consider making bigger changes.

You have a full spectrum of nutrition and lifestyle choices. It’s not all or nothing. To the degree that you move in a healthful direction along this spectrum, you’re likely to look better, feel better, lose weight and gain health.

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