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Developed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Innergy™ is the commercial version of the new standard of care for sustained weight loss programs as clinically proven in the NHLBI-sponsored Johns Hopkins Power Trial. Findings from the trial demonstrated that participants could, over a 24-month period, successfully lose at least 5% of their body weight and maintain that loss.

In the world of weight loss, the key determinant of success is not whether weight can be lost but, rather, whether it can be kept off. To date, few, if any, programs have been able to show clinically significant weight loss for as much as one year.

Innergy is about changing that historic truth.

Expert Coaches

Innergy coaches are trained by Johns Hopkins in the science of weight loss and personalized coaching techniques. Participants work with a dedicated coach, using proven techniques to increase an individual's ability to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain a healthier weight for life. Not only does the individual receive 1:1 telephonic interventions with a personal trained coach, they have access to a suite of interactive web tools and mobile applications to help them stay on track in achieving clinically significant weight loss and keeping it off.

An Answer to the Epidemic

Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. More than one third of American adults are obese and another third of the population is overweight. That number is expected to increase to 75% by 2020 if we don't make a drastic change. Most health experts now agree that obesity the number one health risk in America. Fortunately, it is one that we now know can be successfully addressed leading, in turn, to reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and musculo-skeletal disorders, lower health care costs and improved performance.

Innergy is available exclusively from Healthways and offers employers, health plans, provider systems and physician organizations the clinical, financial and performance benefits associated with clinically meaningful weight loss for their populations.

About the Healthways and Johns Hopkins Medicine Collaboration

Johns Hopkins Medicine and Healthways have had a decade long relationship focused on integrating evidence-based best practices and outcomes measurements into scalable care delivery and disease management programs to improve population health.

Under the agreement between Hopkins and Healthways, Hopkins will advise Healthways on the design and implementation of Innergy, continuously evaluate the program, and oversee future enhancements. Several Hopkins faculty members will also serve on Innergy's scientific advisory board. Healthways will be responsible for the sale and delivery of Innergy to customers.

About Well-Being 

Many people have tried weight-loss programs in the past. Most people know the importance of healthy diet and exercise. Innergy approaches the overall goal of healthy weight with a broader understanding of influences, addressing eating habits, physical activity, and emotional and social aspects of well-being.

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Johns Hopkins faculty members and staff advise and collaborate with Healthways regarding the Innergy weight management program. Johns Hopkins receives financial compensation from Healthways in the form of royalties and fees for its contribution to the Innergy program.

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