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Our Capabilities

Solutions for Population Health and Well-Being

Industry-leading solutions take collaboration — with experts in the field as well as our customers.

Healthways experts in research, analytics and medical science have partnered with pioneering physicians, social scientists, psychologists and others to create high-impact programs — and to prove that they work. We are constantly bringing innovations to the market from fields such as gaming theory, social network mapping, community-based health transformation and more.

Healthways is a living lab for these innovations, with our own colleagues testing solutions themselves before they ever reach a customer. Customers, in turn, benefit from a best-of-both-worlds approach — access to turnkey solutions that take the guesswork out of well-being improvement or the ability to custom tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of their population.

We’ve highlighted a few of our solutions below. Contact us to learn more.

Measuring Well-Being

Working together, Gallup and Healthways have become the world’s official statistician for well-being. We have the unique ability to measure well-being at individual, organization and geographic levels, creating a “golden thread” of data and insights that allows us to act with precision to create meaningful change in populations.

We can provide biometric screenings for individuals, but we can also “screen” organizations, helping them assess their corporate culture and ensure they’re creating the right environment for change.

Keeping Healthy People Healthy

MeYou Health, a division of Healthways, takes a small-step approach to help individuals, their friends and families make small, incremental changes that are within reach for everyone. Our online and mobile social experiences genuinely engage our participants and keep them coming back. Fostering meaningful social connections allows people to share, get support and celebrate improvement together while they build a foundation for a lifetime of well-being.

Because financial well-being has such an impact on all other elements of well-being, Healthways and the Dave Ramsey team collaborated to create and deliver Healthways Financial Well-Being™, Powered by Dave Ramsey. The solution integrates Ramsey’s successful approach to better financial health with Healthways’ intuitive technology, science-supported methodology and well-being expertise.

Exercise programs and physical medicine (e.g., chiropractic) can help individuals at any point in the continuum. Healthways has 15,000+ fitness and wellness facilities participating in the Healthways fitness center network. And our SilverSneakers program is the nation’s leading exercise program for active older adults.

Reducing Lifestyle Risks

Lifestyle risks come in all shapes and forms, but tobacco cessation and weight management are two of the toughest challenges that individuals face. Healthways can help with these and other risks through our tailored programs and both onsite and offsite health risk coaching programs.

Through telephonic and online education, as well as the support of our proven QuitNet website and online community, we empower individuals to successfully quit using tobacco products. QuitNet participants move effortlessly between personalized web content, digital coaching, online communities, tailored SMS text and email messages, and telephonic coaching modes  to get the support they need, when they need it.

Healthways developed Innergy through an ongoing collaboration with major research university Johns Hopkins Medicine. The two-year program focuses on three critical phases of weight loss — active weight loss, maintenance and independence — to ensure long-lasting behavior change. Importantly, the program recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to weight loss and provides a tailored, long-term relationship dedicated to personalized weight loss.

Optimizing Care for the Chronically Ill

Healthways offers both traditional condition management programs as well as our unique High Risk Cost Avoidance solution. High Risk Cost Avoidance assesses your entire population for the opportunity to prevent high-cost events. Then, through highly personalized,

proactive outreach to a targeted group of individuals, we optimize care and avoid adverse health developments.

And Healthways is the only place that you will find the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, the first program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease through comprehensive lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes not only improve patient satisfaction and well-being, they also provide deeper professional fulfillment for healthcare professionals. 

Helping Healthcare Providers Thrive on the Journey from Sick Care to True Health Care

Our Navvis Healthways consulting and advisory services can help hospitals and health systems address their current needs while planning for the future. Well-being improvement provides an opportunity for organizations to better manage risk for their current revenue streams while identifying new revenue sources and opportunities to increase market. The Ornish Program as well as our Care Transitions Solution and Diabetes Service Line are prime examples.

We also offer Well-Being Direct, which enables physicians to leverage predictive modeling to identify patients who are trending toward high-cost utilization or poor outcomes. Physicians can then prescribe comprehensive care plans and direct patients to a broad range of well-being interventions that inspire sustainable behavior changes, reduces risks and close gaps in care.

Changing Communities

A Blue Zones Community® is an area in which citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores, and community leaders have come together to optimize residents’ longevity and well-being. Blue Zones Project by Healthways takes a systematic, environmental approach to identifying and creating policies and programs that support community transformation.

Learn More

These are just a few of our solutions for well-being improvement. Contact us to learn how we can get you started on or fine-tune your own well-being improvement strategy.

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