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Measuring and Improving Well-Being

Improving well-being in a meaningful way across populations is a sizable challenge. Few companies have the knowledge, resources and experience to make it happen.

Healthways has always been at the forefront of healthcare transformation. More than 30 years ago, we started with programs to support diabetes care, progressed to help set the first national standards for disease management, evolved to support the continuum of health across populations, and finally expanded our scope from physical health to overall well-being improvement. Today, we serve approximately 68 million people across four continents.

Why well-being improvement?

Our research and experience — and the experiences of the health plans, health systems, employers and communities that we work alongside every day — have led us to understand that health is more than physical.

So effective, total population health management requires that we not only work together to address the health continuum by keeping healthy people healthy, reducing health-related risks and optimizing care for those with chronic illness. We also need to appreciate and address the other elements of well-being: purpose, social, financial and community.

Because while improvement in any one element will already positively affect the other four, strategies to improve well-being are optimally effective when the elements are addressed in concert with one another. And it all starts with measurement: having an informed strategy to improve well-being is the single most powerful thing you can do to improve organizational and individual performance and lower costs.

Who do we help?

Well-being improvement is the path to sustainable lifestyle improvements, stronger communities and significant cost savings, whether you are:

» An employer that understands the relationships between well-being and workforce performance

» A health system that wants to better manage risk for your patient populations

» A health plan looking to differentiate in a sea of sameness

» A government that wants to improve the economic health of a population

» A nonprofit or international organization focused on positive outcomes in your development work

… or simply an individual who wants to live a longer, better life.

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