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The Well Being Assessment for Productivity

Author(s): James O. Prochaska, PhD; Kerry E. Evers, PhD; Janet L. Johnson, PhD; Patricia H. Castle, MA; Janice M. Prochaska, PhD; Lindsay E. Sears, PhD; Elizabeth Y. Rula, PhD; and James E. Pope, MD

Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineObjective: To develop a presenteeism assessment, the Well-Being Assessment for Productivity (WBA-P), that provides an informative evaluation of job performance loss due to well-being related barriers. Method: The WBA- P was developed using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis using survey data from 1827 employed individuals. Evidence of criterion-related validity was established using multivariate analysis of variance across measures of health and well-being. Results: A hierarchical, two-factor model demonstrated good fit and included factors capturing productivity loss from personal reasons (WBA-PP) and work environment (WBA-PW). Significant interactions existed between these and previously validated presenteeism measures with respect to physical and emotional health, risk factors, and life evaluation. Conclusions: This initial psychometric evidence suggests that the WBA-P and its subscales are valid measures of presenteeism that capture actionable well-being–related performance barriers.

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Topics: Well-Being Employer Populations Performance/Productivity Peer Reviewed Health Plan & Health System