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The Impact of Worksite Wellness in a Small Business Setting

Author(s): Ray M. Merrill, PhD, MPH; Steven G. Aldana, PhD; Tonya P. Vyhlidal, Med; Greg Howe, MS; David R. Anderson, PhD, LP; and R. William Whitmer, MBA

Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineObjective: To measure the effectiveness of a wellness program in a small company using four well-being indicators designed to measure dimensions of physical health, emotional health, healthy behavior, and basic access to health-related conditions and services.

Methods: Indicator scores were obtained and compared between Lincoln Industries employees and workers in the neighboring Lincoln/Omaha community during 2009.

Results: Nearly all Lincoln Industries employees participated in the wellness program. Physical health, mental health, and healthy behavior were significantly greater for Lincoln Industries employees. Self-perceived access to basic needs was not significantly greater among Lincoln Industries employees.

Conclusion: Well-being index scores provide evidence for the effectiveness of the wellness program in this small company setting with respect to better dimensions of physical health, emotional health, and healthy behavior than geographically similar workers.

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Topics: Well-Being Health Conditions Employer Populations Performance/Productivity Peer Reviewed Health Plan & Health System