- Published in The American Journal of Managed Care -

Managing the Metric vs Managing the Patient: The Physician’s View of Pay for Performance

Author(s): Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD; Victor G. Villagra, MD and James E Pope, MD

In the aAmerican Journal of Managed Carebsence of a substantive empirical evidence base on the quality and cost effects of PFP [pay-for-performance], the specific contours of these programs will be guided by opinion. The practicing physician’s perspective has been largely absent from these deliberations, although physicians are the intended target of PFP incentives. This commentary provides designers of PFP programs with the physician’s perspective on how PFP programs should be developed.2 Our analysis is based on a consensus conference that convened 250 physicians and medical managers to discuss how physicians believe that PFP arrangements should be developed to align healthcare toward affordability, evidence-based medicine, and public accountability for how resources are used. We structured this commentary to address the following 6 core components of PFP programs that emerged from the consensus conference discussions: (1) payment structure, (2) transparency, (3) metrics, (4) evaluation, (5) community and patient participation, and (6) fairness.

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Topics: Peer Reviewed Health Plan & Health System Medical Costs & Utilization Standards of Care