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Navvis Healthways

Navvis Healthways

The transition to value-based care presents formidable challenges for health systems, hospitals and physician groups. Navvis Healthways™ consulting and advisory services can help you optimize performance today while transforming for tomorrow.

Partnership Approach to Performance

Navvis Healthways offers an integrated set of competencies, delivered through a comprehensive partnership with aligned goals and incentives, that enable you to capture, aggregate and take accountability for populations. Through our total population health and well-being solutions, along with our knowledge and expertise in health system strategy and physician alignment, we enable you to go to market in new high-value ways.

We’ll help you:

» Increase market share and awareness

» Reduce the total cost of care

» Deliver services and value to employers

» Redefine relationships with health plans, government and consumers

» Expand and differentiate the brand

» Enhance clinical enterprise governance and leadership

Strategic Offerings

» Services for clinically integrated physician networks and accountable care organizations (ACOs)

» Payment transformation services

» Services for the physician enterprise

» Patient-centered care design

» Health system strategy development

» Coaching and leadership development

Established Leadership

Our consultants are highly trained and seasoned executives and professionals who have a strong sense of purpose for about making a difference in healthcare organizations systems across the country. They bring perspectives from years of experience and a broad base of exposure across the nation to find specific solutions to the unique challenges each organization faces.

Our team includes former CEOs, CMOs and CNOs of health systems who understand the needs of physicians, nurses and hospital administrators based on their personal experiences in healthcare settings.

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Leadership Team

Stuart Baker, MD
President of Navvis Healthways

John Anderson, MD, FACS
Senior Vice President

Bob Bauer
Senior Vice President

Po Chou
Senior Vice President

Michael Connolly, DO
Senior Vice President

Tim Elliott, Esq.
Senior Vice President

Kristi Short
Senior Vice President

Ernie Tsoules, Esq.
Senior Vice President

Don Andrews
Vice President

Jon Cunningham
Vice President

Kathy Hardesty, RN, MPH, CENP
Vice President

Jan Maisler, MSN
Vice President

Rachael Schad
Vice President

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