MeYou Health

MeYou Health delivers a turnkey program that improves well-being by getting people to walk more, eat better, quit smoking and make healthier decisions. The program focuses on validated engagement, validated clinical effect and social features, with supporting features that include incentives integration, eligibility checks, real-time activity dashboards, and quarterly and annual reporting. Client organizations can also add individual MeYou Health products to Healthways’ core well-being improvement solution.

Well-Being Tracker

The first step in exploring individual well-being, Well-Being Tracker™ allows participants to measure and track their well-being over time.

Daily Challenge

A highly engaging social well-being intervention, Daily Challenge® supports participants to complete one of thousands of small actions each day designed to improve all aspects of their well-being.


Walkadoo® is a wireless “pedometer-powered” daily activity program that gives individuals realistic goals that adjust and evolve as the software learns more about what they do.

Hello 200

Hello 200 is a mobile-focused weight management product that assembles a vibrant community of people finding and cutting their 200 — the number of calories the average person needs to cut each day to maintain a healthier weight. is the largest online global community of quitters with over 1,000,000 members and a proven sustainable social network to promote tobacco cessation. Peer-to-peer connections provide intersession and long-term, relapse prevention support, while participants also receive a personalized quit guide, tracking tools, and expert advice from trained online counselors.

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