Show up differently.

Take advantage of this unique moment in the transformation of your market and position yourself for greater success by focusing consumers, payers and providers on the shared goal of total population health.

Become more competitive in the market by offering a progressive path for employers who are ready to walk, jog or run toward maximum value.


Activate your entire population and spark a well-being movement.

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Focus expert support on those who want help with specific lifestyle change.

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Target clinical help and support for those who need it most.

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MeYou Health’s fun social apps offer you a way to connect to your members and connect them to each other. On a well-being journey, small steps and good company can add up to big gains. 

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With the Blue Zones Project® by Healthways, you can enhance the power and recognition of your brand, position your organization as a leader in the well-being movement, make the communities you operate in better places to live, and improve the health and well-being of your members. 

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Silver Sneakers® Fitness helps the seniors in your population improve their well-being, longevity and independence — while simultaneously reducing their lifestyle risks. 

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Prime Fitness, a nationwide network of fitness providers, helps eradicate one of the most common barriers to exercise — convenient access — and makes it easier for your members to get and stay active.  

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It’s probably a headache for your plan to manage specialty medical benefits, such as chiropractic services and physical therapy. Alleviate that pain by allowing Healthways to manage your offerings for you.

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Healthways offers additional solutions for population health management, such as a vast network of discounted health and well-being services, and support for members in managing their chronic conditionsquitting smoking and losing weight.