Pioneer the transformation to value-based care.

With healthcare in the midst of a profound revolution, you now have a vested interest in improving the well-being of communities within your systems. Navigating this transformation can be difficult without a trusted guide. 

Keeping healthy people healthy, reducing lifestyle risks and optimizing care for those with chronic conditions — each of these pillars of population health is equally important. Our population health solutions offer a progressive path for you to walk, jog or run toward maximum value.


Activate your entire population and spark a well-being movement.

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Focus expert support on those who want help with specific lifestyle change.

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Target clinical help and support for those who need it most.

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Direct prescription of the right well-being improvement activities.

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Reimbursed by Medicare, the Ornish Reversal Program provides a low-cost, low-tech pathway back to health for patients with coronary disease and other chronic conditions, giving patients new options and choices for their treatment and care.

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Supports your organization in achieving and maintaining quality recognition certifications for inpatient and outpatient diabetes care programs

Received exclusive endorsement for Acute and Post-Acute Care Transitions Management Solutions by the American Hospital Association

Healthways offers two hospital-based clinical solutions that deliver improved health outcomes, higher rates of patient and provider satisfaction, increased revenue and additional cost savings.

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With the Blue Zones Project® by Healthways, you can enhance the power and recognition of your brand, position your organization as a leader in the well-being movement, make the communities you operate in better places to live, and improve the health and well-being of the people for whom you go at-risk. 

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