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FOCUS, which includes everything in ACTIVATE, adds value with guidance from experts such as certified health specialists and exercise physiologists to help your employees achieve sustained behavior change.


  • Identification of individuals who may need additional support and guidance
  • One-on-one personalized help for individuals in nine critical areas of lifestyle risks
  • Trained, expert coaches to support and sustain behavior change
  • Reduction of lifestyle and behavior risks in your population
  • Valuable add-on options to tailor your program to your organization’s specific needs


More than just the sum of its features, FOCUS builds on the foundation of ACTIVATE to...

FOCUS uses advanced targeting and tailoring to reach individuals who need support the most and represent the most risk for your organization. And even if they’re not 100% ready to make big lifestyle changes, FOCUS meets them where they are — not where someone else wants them to be — and gives them the tools and support they need to make progress on their goals.

FOCUS provides encouragement, support and guidance around specific areas of behavior and lifestyle that research shows have a dramatic impact on physical health, performance and overall well-being. These areas include stress management, depression prevention and weight loss.

Because a personal relationship can help sustain behavior change, FOCUS offers one-on-one lifestyle coaching. Our coaches are qualified, degreed health professionals trained in multiple adult behavior change techniques that identify and address root causes of poor behaviors.

FOCUS understands that changing often long-standing behaviors is hard, which is why our coaches use a responsive and member-centric approach. Central to FOCUS is short-term, realistic goal setting that builds confidence over time. This results not only in sustainable success but also high participant satisfaction.

FOCUS helps individuals feel like they’re in the driver’s seat, navigating their own path to sustained behavior change to address their lifestyle risks. Our experts work in collaboration with the people they’re coaching to create a synergistic environment that’s not prescriptive or judgmental.  

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