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Top 5 Tips to Better Eating

Jennifer Rudloff

Though some people gain weight by stuffing themselves too full, most of us gain 10 pounds every 10 years by eating just a little bit too much every day without even thinking about it. Here are easy ways to cut back on calories and eat more mindfully.

  1. Downsize your dinnerware. The size of your plates and glasses can actually cause weight gain. Try using 10” plates and tall narrow glasses to consume significantly less – without even thinking about it.
  2. Soup’s on! Nutritious soups with fiber-rich veggies leave you feeling full and satisfied, and can boost your health and weight-loss efforts too.
  3. Snack on nuts. A handful of nuts give you a dose of vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy fats. Studies have shown that eating nuts may reduce your risk of heart disease and could even increase your lifespan.
  4. Eat an early, light dinner. By eating a light dinner earlier in the evening, you’ll give your body plenty of time to digest the food before bed. This practice not only promotes better sleep, but can even lower body mass index (BMI). To learn more about a healthy BMI, visit
  5. Slow down and be mindful of your food. Instead of eating on the run or in front of the computer or TV, sit down at a time to enjoy your food. You’ll learn to savor a meal, become aware of what you’re consuming, and as a result, eat less.
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Why We Built Innergy

Jennifer Rudloff

Obesity is America’s #1 health risk today.

Over the past 25 years, the prevalence of obesity grew from less than 15% of the population to 1 in 3, as this chart demonstrates.

That kind of growth is an epidemic in the making. It threatens to become the new normal, but the new normal carries with it $150 billion in annual costs.

Further, addressing obesity can positively impact other serious health risks increased by excess weight, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and musculo-skeletal disorders.

There is hope! Click here to read more about what we are doing to put a dent in the problem.

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The Inner Truth about Weight Loss

Jennifer Rudloff

After a diet, between one-third and two-thirds of all dieters not only gain all their weight back, they actually gain more than they originally lost. That was the finding of a 2007 UCLA paper that sought to understand the outcomes of calorie restricting diets. It’s a sad story – the dieters have good intentions and impose discomfort upon themselves all in the name of making change happen; yet in the end they wind up disappointed and frustrated. That sure doesn’t do a lot to reinforce behavior change.

Unfortunately, many of these people will also go on to suffer significant health problems, all avoidable, because of excess weight. Most people simply do not succeed when undertaking a diet. They start fresh and enthusiastically, stutter along the way, and abandon the effort. Everybody knows that it is unhealthy to be overweight, and the key to success is strikingly easy to understand:

  • Eat less.
  • Move more.

So why has the prevalence of obesity grown so much over the past 25 years? It now afflicts 1 out of every 3 Americans. How can we stop it?

In reality, losing weight and keeping it off requires a complete lifestyle change - an approach that goes beyond a focus on calories consumed and calories burned. It requires an assessment of life values, clarification of goals, and support that creates a sense of accountability, in addition to eating less and moving more.

Losing weight shouldn’t be about ordering packaged food and counting every step and calorie – it’s bigger than that.

In recognition of the true drivers to weight loss – for example, the fundamental motivation and need for accountability – Healthways built its weight management program to emphasize how to make success a more likely outcome. And we’ve named it in accordance with that philosophy. Innergy™ acknowledges the inner strength and motivation, the inner confidence that dominates the success or failure at losing weight. If you’d like to learn more about this program, click here.

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Well-Being at Work: Tips for Working-In Your Work-Out

Jennifer Rudloff

Time (or a lack there of) is a common excuse for not exercising - but you don't have to let busy get in the way of you taking care of yourself. There are simple ways you can incorporate fitness into your daily routine. In this video Gloria Lunn, a personal trainer and health coach at Healthways, shares one of her favorite tips to work-in your work-out, even on busy days.

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