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Women's Well-Being: Behind the Series

Jennifer Rudloff

Think you know the happiest woman in America? Well we do! Based on findings from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®, the Healthways Science Team identified distinct characteristics that contribute to high well-being for America’s largest demographic, Baby Boomer Women. In a four part series – USA Today found ‘the happiest woman in America’ and use her life as an example as they explore what well-being means in work, health, and relationships for this generation of boomers.

I wanted to take some time to dive in to the data behind the series and discuss it's implications and associated action steps for each topic:

If you missed the series in USA Today - be sure to check out the stories:

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ABC World News also featured this series during 3 nights of their broadcast. Be sure to check out their coverage on well-being and health.

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With Well-Being, Experience Counts: Americans 65+ are Thriving

Jennifer Rudloff

Want to reduce the sadness, stress, and worry in your lives? Listen to your elders, they seem to have the keys to improved well-being.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index® (WBI), Americans over the age of 65 consistently achieve higher well-being scores than other age groups. They’re scoring higher than their younger counterparts on a number of metrics; perhaps most notably is their emotional health. More than any other age group, Americans over the age of 65 feel they are learning or doing interesting things every day, and feel that they’re treated with respect. Additionally they experience less sadness, stress, and worry daily.

You might ask, why? Should we credit their experience and more realistic expectations? Have they more courage to follow their passions while others may be following the paycheck? Or do they simply find more joy in each day? Ben Leedle, President and CEO of Healthways talks about lessons learned from the well-being of an aging population and findings from the WBI in an article recently published in USA Today.

For a deeper dive on the Well-Being Index and related findings listen to Joy Cardin’s interview with John Harris on Wisconsin Public Radio. John talks about findings from the Well-Being Index and related demographics, discusses lessons for better living, and explains the impact well-being has on our nation.



The podcast is also available for download here.

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