The Well-Being Journal

Tough Mudders: Overcoming Obstacles

Jennifer Rudloff

Sometimes you’re looking for something more, something new, and something extraordinary. Recently, ten colleagues from the Nashville CEC found just that as they climbed, crawled, shivered, and ran through the backwoods of Georgia.

Let’s set the stage: 12 miles, 28 obstacles, 30 degree weather, 30 mph winds. Did we mention the obstacles include jumping into ice water, climbing stacked hay bales, greased monkey bars, and then some casual electrocution (10,000 volts)?

Our game plan was simple. We organized meetings where veterans could share their insight and training details from previous Tough Mudders. Since everyone had their own motivation for participating; we capitalized on the concept that no matter what, we would all finish…. “no man (or woman) left behind”!

Through the experience we ignited teamwork, camaraderie, pursuit of excellence, and unwavering trust. Ultimately, what we discovered was we are stronger together than alone. The mission of Tough Mudder is very closely linked to that of Healthways; it brings out the character and perseverance that make all Healthways colleagues great.

So I guess you could say, “We found something more, something new, and something extraordinary. We are all Tough Mudders. We are all making the world a healthier place, one person at a time.”

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