The Well-Being Journal

5 Ways to Get Moving Without Thinking About It

Jennifer Rudloff

Blue Zones® research shows you don't have to run marathons to be a well-being super-star. In fact, many of the world's oldest and healthiest people engage in low-intensity activity on a daily basis. If your busy schedule keeps you away from the gym, here are some simple ways to get moving without even thinking about it.

  1. Move for the fun of it! Build activity into your life by doing what you love. Ride your bike to work. Walk to the store. Play basketball with your kids.
  2. Inconvenience yourself. Take the stairs at work. Park at the far end of the parking lot. Get up to change the TV channel instead of using the remote.
  3. Start walking. Walking is easy to do and free to everyone. It also invites company and can relieve stress after a hard day.
  4. Strengthen your social connections. Make a regular time to walk with your "moai" - a group of lifelong friends - and build social connections while you take steps to improve your health.
  5. Grow a garden. Gardening is a great way to be physically active daily and even helps reduce stress. Improve flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance, all with the benefits of fresh homegrown vegetables.

What are your favorite ways to move naturally each day?

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