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NPT Reports: Children's Health Crisis: Mental Health

Jennifer Rudloff

I’ll be honest – I’m not much of a blogger. It’s not that I have anything against it – I guess I just needed to find something I felt was blog-worthy. That part was easy.

It’s been a year and half now since the Healthways Foundation in conjunction with Nashville Public Television, the Nashville Healthcare Council, the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, launched a seven-part documentary series (NPT Reports: Children’s Health Crisis) to explore the challenges children in Tennessee face in order to lead healthy lives. Our statistics are alarming - here is just a small sampling:

  • TN ranks 41st in overall child well-being.
  • 41% of Tennessee children are overweight or at risk for being overweight.
  • Tennessee has the 4th highest infant mortality rate in the United States.

The series Emmy Award-winning documentary series will run over three years and continues to focus on key issues ranging from high infant mortality rates to obesity to mental health issues. Bottom line, we hope that this documentary spurs community-wide interest and conversations that will lead to solutions.

Beth Curley, president and chief executive officer of NPT, puts it best when she stated “It's not a child's fault if she or he is overweight, or in poor general health as a result of improper nutrition, lack of inoculations or inadequate exercise. The situation has become too dire to lay blame, though, and we feel this documentary series is the best way to reach the community-at-large. This isn’t only a problem for parents, teachers, caregivers or the medical community. It’s everyone’s concern. The ramifications for not addressing this crisis now will be significant.”

The next episode, which addresses mental health issues, airs this coming Wednesday, June 29 at 8pm. For those of you in Nashville or the surrounding area, that’s on channel 8. Please tune-in and learn more about the crisis we face. For those of you outside the viewing area or unable to watch tonight, this documentary will be made available online. The future of our beloved community depends on us collaborating and finding the right solutions to offset this epidemic.

Thank you for listening, tuning-in and caring enough to do something about the crises we face. Oh, and thank you for being a part of my first blogging experience. I could get used to this.

Want to learn more or watch other reports from the series? Simply click here for more information on NPT Reports: Children’s Health Crisis.

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Deepak Chopra: Healing Transformation & Higher Consciousness

Jennifer Rudloff

Deepak Chopra kicked off Tuesday’s activities at the Well-Being Summit, inspiring the crowd with his speech about healing transformation and higher consciousness. Consciousness, he said, affects our daily life and our well-being influences the people around us.

Chopra quoted, “No man can step into the same river twice; for he is always a different man and it’s always a different river.” One’s body is never the same in any moment of time – the body you are sitting with now is not the same physical body you had ten minutes ago. This, he said, is how we must think of our bodies – not as a structure, but as a process.
Simply, our bodies are not a noun, but a verb. Our bodies are more than just eating, breathing, dissecting, metabolism, eliminating and sensory experiences. Our bodies are also about our thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, drives, imagination and sense of self.

By understanding our bodies as a process, we can better grasp the concepts of awareness and consciousness and how they play vital roles in our well-being. All of life, Chopra said, is awareness and consciousness. Awareness is the best tool for measuring and influencing well-being; consciousness creates reality.

Consciousness allows us to see the field of possibilities in front of us, and awareness of these possibilities influences our well-being. Your happiness, therefore, impacts others’ happiness because you are the reality around them – and furthermore, the happiness of the people you don’t know impacts you. It is not just one or two people that influence your happiness, but instead, there are several people who are engaged in your well-being and influence your happiness. We are then entangled in each other’s lives, without even knowing we are, and this entanglement spreads, influencing everyone around us.

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