The Well-Being Journal

Cooking & Company: Creating Heroes at Home

Jennifer Rudloff

When you think about corporate wellness programs, it's unlikely that the first thing that comes to mind is cooking. However, there are others who advocate that cooking should be a cornerstone to your workplace wellness programs. Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution team partnered with IDEO and came up with Cooking & Company -- a revolution for the workplace which aims to keep cooking alive and change the way people eat where they spend the most time - at work. In this short video series, Chris Waugh, Practice Lead at IDEO, talks with us about the hows and whys of cooking at work. You'll learn more about how cooking can improve engagement in workplace wellness programs, build stronger sense of community, foster creativity, and help employers make employees heroes at home.

To see Chris's full presentation, Designing Workplace Wellness, from the Healthways Well-Being Summit click here.

Interested in learning more and joining the food revolution? Click here to download the toolkit.

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Planning With Purpose for Workplace Well-Being Programs

Jennifer Rudloff

Last week I had the privilege of talking with Employee Benefit Advisors about planning health promotion programs. During my interview, I discussed best practices for employers related to planning effective communications and engagement strategies for these programs.

In this podcast, you'll learn:

  • Six things to consider for planning effective health engagement programs
  • Strategies for employers and advisors to use social networking sites for engagement
  • Importance of planning worksite health promotion programs
  • How to create enthusiasm and conversation around the office
  • Communication vehicles that pertain to various audiences
  • The importance of addressing employee privacy concerns when talking about the programs
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