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The Connected Consumer: Key Insights

Jennifer Rudloff

During a three hour webcast packed with a series of 20 minute power sessions, The Connected Consumer delivered insights and strategies on drivers of well-being, motivation, and engagement and provided a glimpse into the innovations that will define the next generation of programming around health and well-being.

There were lots of great takeaways from this webcast, but to give you a glimpse into each presentation, here’ a list of some of our favorite insights from each speaker:

  • Talk to your employee or insured’s, not past them. Language Matters. Use terms that resonate with end users. Functionality and solutions, these are things that employees are thinking about.
  • Beliefs and behaviors are contagious; who you hang out with impacts your health. You’re only as healthy as your group or network. For greater outcomes and sustained benefits we need to treat our groups as a system of health and well-being.
  • Go beyond offering incentives, and consider the power of fun! Games linking friends to good behaviors, friendly competition – this is the key to successful engagement.
  • People as they age tend to have a positivity bias towards only looking at the positive. You have to talk in terms of benefits rather than warning labels.
  • Engagement and reinforcement often rely not just on classic incentives but also a sense of belonging to a group. Health is not only a rational discussion: it is emotional and key to who we are, who our families are, and to the social group to which we belong.
  • People want to be spoken to in segments of one. Creatively mix reinforcements and incentives and personalize to improve and sustain engagement.

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