New Report Ranks U.S. States by Their Overall Well-Being

Madison Agee

WBI State InfographicA recently released report from Gallup and Healthways ranks all 50 states in the United States based on their respective well-being, and at the very top of the list is Alaska. While not a newcomer to the top ten states with the highest well-being – it has made an appearance four out of the last seven years – 2014 marks the first time Alaska leads the country in well-being. Rounding out the top five are Hawaii, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Last year’s leading state, North Dakota, tumbled this year to 23rd.

For the sixth consecutive year, West Virginia and Kentucky have the lowest well-being in the United States, ranking 50th and 49th, respectively. Other states that have appeared in the bottom ten all seven years are Arkansas, Ohio and Mississippi.

This information appears in “The State of American Well-Being: 2014 State Well-Being Rankings,” which is based on the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®. The Well-Being Index uses a holistic definition of well-being and self-reported data from individuals across the globe to create a unique view of societies’ progress on the elements that matter most to well-being: purpose, social, financial, community and physical. Read more about the new rankings.

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