June means well. Make it deliver.

Jennifer Rudloff

June is known for many things. It’s when summer begins and poolside fun, grilling and travel kick into high gear. Besides these common associations, did you know that June is also National Employee Wellness Month? This month, we challenge you and your colleagues to focus intently on well-being—physical, emotional and social—and take steps toward personal improvement. After all, the benefits not only impact each person, but also your company as a whole.

A study by Gallup in 2010 revealed that employees with the lowest well-being scores cost a company an average of $28,800 per year in lost productivity due to sick days, while those with the highest well-being scores cost a company an average of $840 per year. That means employees with high well-being are 34 times more productive. Imagine the impact that can have on individuals and your company’s performance.

Below are some simple steps you and your colleagues can take this month (and every month) to improve well-being. For even more results that are both meaningful and measurable, consider talking with Healthways about a personalized Well-Being Improvement Solution for your company, if we haven’t already implemented one for you. Our highly experienced professionals can give you and your colleagues the ongoing, personal support and resources needed for maximum results.

Two Simple Steps for Improving Individual Well-Being

These steps are simple and may even seem like common sense, but it’s easy to become distracted or let other things take priority. We recommend adopting these important healthy habits for 30 days and gauging how it impacts you. After you see the results, these healthy habits just might lead to more.

    1. Get in the routine of starting each day well-rested. By planning mealtime to be at least a couple hours before bedtime, going to bed at about the same time every day, and getting at least seven hours of sleep, you can boost your energy and productivity, which can lead to a more enjoyable day.
    2. Increase your physical activity level. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week—whether in traditional or nontraditional ways. For example, you could go for a mid-day walk to clear your head or engage in some social refreshment. Or, you could do jumping jacks and other exercises while you watch TV. By finding ways to fit regular physical activity into your life, you can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, stroke and some cancers.

    How Collaboration With Healthways Can Deliver Better Results

    Improving well-being in a substantive way across a company can be a sizable challenge. Few companies have the resources and expertise to make it happen, but Healthways offers a comprehensive, scalable solution for improving well-being that can be configured to the unique needs of different companies. With personalized implementation and support, we can help reach specific goals—from reducing healthcare costs and lowering risks, to raising performance and helping people lead healthier lives.

    To learn more about our well-being improvement capabilities, visit our solution page or contact us today. And in the meantime, feel free to share the simple steps above with your colleagues. We wish you a happy and healthy National Employee Wellness Month and hope you enjoy finding ways to make June deliver on its acclaimed status.