Four Ways to Make Yourself Happier at Work

Jennifer Rudloff

Even the best jobs can be a drag sometimes — and many of us have far from the best jobs. On April 16, Forbes offered some sage advice on how to make your work life a more pleasurable part of your real life.

  • Ask your boss to make small alterations to your job description. There may be skills you aren’t using to your fullest, and a little bit of variety can stop your job from becoming repetitive and boring.
  • Try to cultivate more opportunities to work with people you get along with, both internally and externally. They’re the ones who make your job less burdensome, after all.
  • Work on office friendships. Having a confidant in the office can be important for managing the day-to-day stress of your job. Don’t be a loner.
  • Treat your body right: On tough days, it can be hard not to sack out after work. But if you maintain your exercise routine, eat healthy, and try to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll not only be a better, more productive worker, but happier and more energetic — and in a better position to negotiate the kind of changes you’d like to make in your job.

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