Healthy Living Starting from the Workplace

Jennifer Rudloff

Many of us in the workforce spend almost all, if not more than half, of our waking hours each week at our desks and in front of our computers. While this allows us to be productive and enjoy the challenges of our jobs, it also leaves us limited time to pursue personal growth and well-being which can lead to fatigue. For some people, repetitive day-to-day tasks in the workplace result in stress, anxiety, and even depression. As mentioned in a previous post, business consultant and best-selling author Daniel Pink suggests that to remain motivated in the workplace we must stay fully engaged.

People are the most valued asset of any organization and, therefore, it’s important for them to be engaged throughout the day. To create an environment with greater well-being for yourself at work, take a few small actions that can counter the effects of repetitive work. Here are some tips from on how you and your coworkers can improve your well-being at work from Nick Golding of Personnel Today

  1. Connect: Take 5 minutes to do something for your coworkers (make a cup of tea or get them a drink).
  2. Be active: Go for a walk at lunchtime or make some time to get some fresh air during the day.
  3. Take notice: Be aware of how your coworkers are really feeling. Ask them how they are and have a chat with them.
  4. Learn: Take a few minutes to expand your mind; you could read a newspaper, magazine or book, or do a crossword.
  5. Give: Build relations at work and get to know your coworkers better by hosting a breakfast to kick-start the work day.
Topics: Business Performance