Employers and Employees at Odds about Wellbeing, Study Finds

Jennifer Rudloff

Reposted from the Well-being Wire by MeYou Health

Bosses may be overestimating their perceived attention to employees’ well-being, a new British study finds.

Researchers found that 42 percent of employees say that their bosses do not look out for their physical health enough, while only 14 percent of management thinks the same, InspiresMe reported June 6. Similarly, 50 percent of employees think their employers fail to support their emotional well-being, but only 13 percent of employers concur.

In workplaces where a large majority of employees feel their employers care about them a great deal, however, most workers describe themselves as “loyal” to their jobs, the study finds.

“We believe employers who address physical, emotional and financial health and wellbeing could improve engagement and ultimately the productivity of their people,” says James Glover, director of Simplyhealth,which released the study (PDF). “Wellbeing is highly valued by employees and a key driver in their level of job satisfaction, loyalty and motivation. If employers fail to communicate that they care, they could lose talented people as soon as the job market starts to recover.”

Reader Question: Does your employer look out for your well-being?

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