2011 Healthways Well-Being Summit Recap

Jennifer Rudloff

This year’s annual Well-Being Summit sought to, as Ben Leedle, Healthways President and CEO said, “motivate and provide solutions and tools to get attendees started on the path to positively impact the health and well-being of millions of people.” The three-day Summit shed key insights on well-being by some of today’s most accomplished and progressive thinkers. Attendees left the Summit with new solutions and tools brought to them by world renowned speakers, such as Deepak Chopra, Daniel Pink, Dan Buetnner, and Nicholas Christakis, to name a few.

Elaborating on such topics as higher consciousness and how that consciousness affects our lives and well-being, Deepak Chopra gave attendees a better understanding of the body as a process rather than a structure (Replay Deepak's talk). Examining the way we motivate our employees, Daniel Pink opened up our audience to a new way of thinking that better engages employees and provides them with purpose for increased motivation and workplace well-being.

The audience was also enlightened with secrets to living a longer life by focusing on natural physical activity, having the right outlook and sense of purpose, eating wisely, and connecting with others from Dan Buettner (replay Dan's talk). Nicholas Christakis shed light on how physical social networks, though smaller than online social networks, had a greater influence on behavior and overall well-being.

Inspired, our attendees embraced these tools from the speakers and were charged with insights that would allow them to develop solutions and tools to begin their path of spreading well-being to their employees, friends, families and communities.

Our third annual Well-Being Summit was a true success, ending on the high note with the announcement of a $15,000 donation from Healthways to REAL School Gardens. This donation will help the organization, currently in 74 Texas schools, move forward with its plans of national expansion.

See pictures and replay video from the 2011 Healthways Well-Being Summit.

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