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Our Approach

We listen to our customers, apply science and technology, prepare our professionals for success, and demonstrate our results. It’s an approach that has helped us improve well-being and deliver value for three decades.

Collaborate with Customers

What are your priorities? Reduce healthcare costs? Improve health status? Enhance business performance? With insight into your population and culture, we will create a solution that delivers.

Apply Science

Healthways is committed to applying and advancing science to improve well-being. We partner with external experts and develop and test proprietary models to enhance current and future capabilities. The Healthways Center for Health Research evaluates the validity of our solutions and publishes peer-reviewed results with industry-wide relevance.

Prepare our Professionals

Our training and tools prepare passionate, credentialed health professionals to consistently deliver high-quality support. We treat each person in your population as an individual, achieving positive change on a personalized path informed by all available data.

Embrace Technology

Our Embrace™ technology platform earned Healthways a top 10 ranking among technology innovators. We invest in the technology necessary for scalable, cost-effective support across large populations.

Demonstrate Results

For every solution, we define metrics that reflect customer objectives and measure our success. We make adjustments where needed to elevate performance. Healthways has a strong record of proven impact.

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