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Change starts here. Designed to measure, engage and improve every element of well-being in your organization through online, social and digital tools, ACTIVATE creates a supportive well-being culture that’s available anytime, anywhere.


  • An engaging and scientifically designed survey by Gallup-Healthways — it's more than an HRA
  • A digital ecosystem of apps that improves all five elements of well-being
  • Tobacco cessation through online community support
  • A branded digital benefits hub — all your employees' benefits in one place
  • A social app to connect people through activities and challenges
  • Financial well-being training and assistance, powered by Dave Ramsey
  • Marketing and engagement support so individuals get and stay active in the program
  • An annual aggregate report to help identify areas of strength and opportunities
  • Engagement and activity reporting to facilitate optional incentive program
  • An individual plan for each person in your community
  • Dedicated customer service for both your staff and your members
  • Valuable add-on options to tailor your program to your organization’s specific needs


More than just the sum of its features, ACTIVATE was designed to work cohesively to...


ACTIVATE is designed to appeal to every individual in your population with content and programs that address all five well-being elements. ACTIVATE’s flexible approach also means that it can meet people where they are on their well-being journeys, whether they’re just starting out or already well underway.

ACTIVATE engages people in how they really live their daily lives. It integrates well-being into moments throughout the day, making improving it feel natural and easy. People engage with ACTIVATE’s digital tools just like they do the other apps they regularly use, moving in and out of them as they want.


ACTIVATE understands that small steps can lead to big changes. It offers digestible doses of well-being that make it easy to do just a little more each day. ACTIVATE’s social apps strengthen this groundswell of a movement by connecting people to each other. 

ACTIVATE helps people feel like they’re part of something bigger. They find security and support in being a member of a larger movement — a movement in which everyone is moving toward higher well-being.


Without inspiration to action, data is useless. The insights generated by ACTIVATE are designed to motivate individuals and your organization as a whole to take the next step on their well-being journeys. Regular feedback continues to guide and spur action and helps properly gauge impact.




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