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What is the Healthways COPD program?

The Healthways COPD program was developed in cooperation with participating physicians and is designed to provide valuable tools to make the delivery of quality care easier.

The Healthways COPD program is proactive and physician- and patient-focused. When we asked physicians how we could best support them, the answers were to encourage patients to take a more active and responsible role in self-care and to emphasize the importance of compliance with physician recommendations and treatment plans.

The Healthways COPD program offers a broad array of easy-to-use tools and practical resources that we think you will find more comprehensive, user-friendly and results-oriented than other programs in which you may have participated.

Program design

To design the program, we worked with respected experts in the field of respiratory disorders, including the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and Healthways, the firm that administers our Healthways programs and this Web section. Healthways has nearly 25 years of experience in providing specialized services to people with chronic conditions. The Healthways program team, led by registered nurses, provides support to you and to your patients who participate in the program. While you continue to direct the patient's treatment plan, this team of experts reinforces your efforts.

The program is virtually work-free for you and your staff. The health plan and Healthways handle all of the coordination and distribution of program materials to patients, including identification of those who qualify to participate in the program. Using our integrated medical information systems, we identify eligible patients on a confidential basis.

By using nationally recognized clinical practice guidelines and best practices as the foundation of the program, we aim to work in cooperation with participating physicians to achieve consistent, quality care levels and improved outcomes.

Materials for participating primary care physicians

Primary care physicians who have patients participating in the program receive the following physician support materials and patient management tools:

  • Guidelines for COPD Care Flow Sheet - A chart documentation tool to help you easily keep track of tests and exams that may be due for your patients according to nationally recognized guidelines for care.

  • Medication List - A list of the medications a patient is taking, sent semi-annually, including dosage and frequency.

Materials for Healthways COPD program members

  • Outlook - Our free quarterly newsletter for people with COPD.
  • COPD Workbook - Your patient can print these forms and review them with you. A comprehensive written record of this information will help you and your patient develop and implement the most effective care plan to improve their health and quality of life.

  • Self-Care Tools - A key to success in managing COPD is education and awareness. As your patients learn proper care for COPD and become aware of their progress, they gain control over their health and their quality of life. Since one of the primary goals of the Healthways COPD program is to keep respiratory care simple, we've created easy-to-use forms and reminders to help your patients keep up with necessary tests and exams and track their progress toward the goals they set with the Healthways program team.

    • Self-Care Goals Plan - A plan developed by your patient with help from the Healthways program team to set personal goals for your patient's progress.

    • Self-Care Reminders - Regular reminders of important screenings, immunizations and tests. We encourage patients to take advantage of preventive care services.

    • Educational Resources List and Educational Topics Sheets - Other educational resources, services and health information on a variety of issues relating to improved self-care and management of COPD available from the Healthways program team.

    • Telephone Support - Convenient, toll-free access and support from a team of clinicians led by registered nurses specializing in respiratory care. When your patients learn proper care for a complex condition like COPD, they gain an important sense of control over their health and quality of life. They'll see how even simple lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of health complications.


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