What is the BluePartners diabetes program?

The BluePartners diabetes program is our exclusive approach to caring for people with diabetes. Registered nurses, dieticians and other health care colleagues provide individualized support and educational materials to you and your doctor. If you are eligible for this program, you and any dependent family members with diabetes can participate at no additional cost to you as part of your health plan's services. You will receive valuable support to help you:

  • Manage your condition
  • Make your daily care easier
  • Enjoy a healthier quality of life

Created in consultation with nationally recognized diabetes resources

When we developed the BluePartners diabetes program, we went to nationally recognized resources for up-to-date, medically sound, effective and efficient treatments:

  • The American Diabetes Association
  • The American Heart Association

We also rely on the best medical judgment of each member's primary care physician. The BluePartners diabetes program follows the individual treatment plan created by the doctor who knows you best: your personal doctor.

Goals of our diabetes program

  • To help you better manage your diabetes, reduce related health problems and improve your quality of life
  • To achieve consistent, quality care by using nationally recognized clinical guidelines
  • To provide your doctor with confidential reports and opportunities to support your care and treatment plan

Educational and Self-Care Tools

What do we do for BluePartners diabetes program members? We provide you with extensive educational and self-care tools at no additional cost.

Educational Tools
We carefully select all program materials and deliver them directly to you in addition to providing samples to your doctor. You will receive this valuable support:

  • Diabetes Outlook: Our free quarterly newsletter for people with diabetes
  • Diabetes Workbook: You will receive this workbook in the mail or you can access the information at a secure web-site (members only)*. You can print this booklet and review items with your doctor during your next appointment. A comprehensive written record of this information will help you and your doctor develop and implement the most effective care plan to improve your health and your quality of life.

Self-Care Tools
A key to success in managing your diabetes is education and awareness. As you learn proper care for diabetes and become aware of your progress, you gain control over your health and your quality of life. Since one of the primary goals of the BluePartners diabetes program is to keep your care simple, we've created easy-to-use forms and reminders to help you keep up with necessary tests and exams and track your progress toward the goals you set with the BluePartners program team.

  • Self-Care Goals Plan: A plan developed by you with help from the BluePartners program team to set personal goals for your progress.
  • Self-Care Reminder Letters: Regular reminders of important screenings, immunizations and tests. We encourage members to take advantage of preventive care services.
    • Standards of Care Reminder Letter: Mailed to you three times a year to remind you to get important tests and/or exams.
    • Flu and Pneumonia Vaccine Reminder Letter: Mailed to you once a year when it's time to get your flu and/or pneumonia vaccine.
  • Educational Resources List and Educational Topics Sheets: Other educational resources, services and health information on a variety of issues relating to improved self-care and management of diabetes are available to you through the BluePartners diabetes program team.
  • Telephone Support: Convenient, toll-free access and support from a team of clinicians led by registered nurses specializing in diabetes care. When you learn proper care for a complex condition like diabetes, you gain an important sense of control over your health and quality of life. You'll see how even simple lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of health complications.

* BluePartners diabetes program members: If you prefer to receive materials by e-mail, you can access these materials and other tools electronically at www.iembracehealth.com. Materials are sent electronically to a secure, password-protected site where you can access them at your convenience. E-mail reminders may be sent to you when you have new information posted to the site.

How we work with your doctor

Communication is key in all aspects of the BluePartners diabetes program. We provide your doctor with a description of the materials we send to you.

Your doctor will also receive useful information and updates developed especially for health-care providers. The BluePartners diabetes program supports and assists your doctor; your doctor provides the treatment plan and sets the direction of your diabetes care.


Do you want to know more about the BluePartners diabetes program? See our Frequently Asked Questions online.

To find out if the BluePartners diabetes program is available to you or your dependent family members, call the toll-free Member Services number on your member ID card.

Website: You have access to the www.bluehealthadvantagene.com website which is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. This website is available to you whether or not you decide to participate in the BluePartners program. The website contains health information and tools to assist you and your family to get healthy and stay healthy.