People with higher well-being are healthier, higher performing and less costly


The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index has helped us more fully explore the multifaceted nature of health, including what causes our behaviors and habits to move in positive or negative directions. 

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Research has shown that improving well-being is the best — indeed, the only — way to positively influence behavior across an entire population and to sustain that positive change. Well-being improvement addresses the root causes of poor health, not simply its outcomes or the bad behaviors that lead to it.

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We know there is no single definition of value, so we help organizations understand the value they want, the way to produce and sustain that value, and how to scientifically validate results. Because answers aren’t found in isolation — they’re found in collaboration.


Healthways has studied, defined, influenced and measured population health for more than three decades, starting with hospital and diabetes management in the ’80s, expanding into other chronic conditions in the ’90s, moving into wellness and traditional population health in the early 2000s. Many bold explorers have joined us on this journey and entrusted us with their life’s work.

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Dr. Ornish and the Transformative Power of Comprehensive Lifestyle Changes